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Match Foster Care Solihull

Family-run fostering agency in Solihull

Based in Worcestershire, Match Foster Care is a local, family-owned fostering agency dedicated to improving children’s and young people’s lives in Solihull and around. We welcome foster parents from a vast range of backgrounds and are excited to help you change a child’s life with our agency Match Faster Care in Solihull. We can give you the support you need to build your fostering career in Solihull.

Match Foster Care
Match Foster Care

Why choose Match Foster Care as a Solihull fostering agency

Match Foster Care Solihull is different from other fostering agencies. As we are an independent agency in the West Midlands, we do not have to meet profit targets set by investors. This has enabled us to build a small foster care agency with big values. Our no-nonsense approach and people-focused policies have helped grow Match Foster Care’s reputation in Solihull and the surrounding areas over the years. We are committed to making fostering a positive experience for foster parents and the children in their care. 

Match Foster Care Solihull is a family-owned agency run by seasoned social workers. With years of experience and exposure to the foster sector, we wanted to create a foster care agency where fostering parents feel part of a team. Together, we work hand-in-hand to make a positive difference in the lives of children and young people aged between 0 and 17. To do so, at Match Foster Care, we guarantee our Solihull foster parents have access to multidisciplinary professionals for dedicated support:

With our head office in Worcestershire, we are proud to build on years of local experience to support foster families and children. We are familiar with the challenges and practicalities of becoming a foster parent in Solihull. This ensures we can help you make fostering a rewarding career choice. We are proud to create an environment that is beneficial for both foster parents and children in Solihull.

Match Foster Care About Us

Become a foster parent in Solihull

Could you provide a supportive home for children in the Solihull area who require foster care? 

Becoming a foster parent is a unique opportunity to positively shape the lives of young people.

Match Foster Care provides a range of support services to promote the best outcomes for your fostering journey.

Children with complex physical or intellectual challenges in the foster network require specialist disability fostering.

Foster carers provide a supportive and nurturing environment in which the medical or therapeutic needs of the child are met. While caring for a disabled child can be challenging, it can also be extremely rewarding.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a couple to foster children. Single foster parents can make just as much of an important contribution to children within the foster care network.

We also provide a range of support including for single foster parents meaning you’ll never be alone.

Fostering siblings involves fostering multiple children from the same family. Where possible, keeping siblings together is preferred compared to splitting children up.

This is to create a sense of familiarity and help children to adjust to their new environment. There are also long-term benefits associated with fostering siblings together.

What can foster parents expect?

At Match Faster Care Solihull, we are dedicated to building an accessible and rewarding fostering journey for all. As such, foster parents joining Match Foster Care in Solihull can expect to feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

You'll access over a decade of experience from our Solihull fostering agency. Match is an independently-owned agency in Worcestershire registered with Ofsted since February 2012.

Match is a family-owned business with a people-focused approach. We are committed to supporting foster families with 24/7 access to local support and expert teams in Solihull and around.

We are not owned by private equity and do not respond to the targets set by investors. We are proud to remain one of the very few independent foster care agencies in the UK.

We are not background exclusive as we believe diversity makes our fostering agency stronger and better for all children in need. Therefore, we welcome foster parents from different backgrounds.

We know that fostering a child with behavioural needs and/or special learning requirements can be challenging. That's why we ensure foster parents receive experienced assistance.

We have a team of local experts delivering multidisciplinary support and training to all our foster parents in Solihull and around. So you can make your fostering career more rewarding.

Do you want to carry on working as a foster parent? At Match, we have different types of foster care and fostering durations designed to suit your availability.

Age is not an issue when it comes to becoming a foster parent. As long as you are fit and healthy, anybody of legal age can be eligible to foster.

Short-term fostering typically refers to foster placements less than two years in length. Here children stay with you while others finalise their legal care proceedings, which can take a few months to complete. As a rule, short-term foster care is more common among young children.

Therefore, with short-term fostering, you may not know how long they will stay with you once they arrive.

Long-term fostering, sometimes known as permanent fostering, means that it is agreed that a child or young person will remain living with your family through to adulthood.  The child is still part of the care system, which means that there will still be regular meetings and you will continue to have the support of a team around you.  For many children living in foster care, a long-term  arrangement gives them the reassurance and security that they need, helping them to feel a full member of your family.  

Respite fostering is where you provide care for children always with other foster carers. This is usually for a weekend or for a couple of weeks while the child’s usual foster parents have a break.