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The Rewards of Fostering with Match Foster Care

At Match Foster Care, we see countless children and young people going through tough times in their lives. Without the support of foster carers in the UK, they may never have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and have the caring and safe childhood every child deserves. But, as a foster care agency, we are also the first to witness the emotional and physical challenges our fostering families experience. There is no denying that fostering is challenging. That’s why it’s so important that you choose the right fostering agency for you and your family, one that puts children above profit; relationships above placements in a system. Our team is here to help. As an independent foster care agency, we are dedicated to supporting our carers every step of the way.

The Rewards of Fostering with Match Foster Care


Why foster?

While this may seem like an odd question, but you don’t have to spend too long on the internet to find plenty of horror stories about fostering.  Many of these are the result of poor matching or inadequate support.  When Carrie Marsh set up Match in 2012 she did so informed by the experience of her parents being foster carers.  She had seen at first hand how important it is to have high quality professional support around you.  She has also seen how with the right support and careful matching fostering can completely transform a child’s life for the better . 

Match never leaves you to face challenges by yourself. From ongoing training programmes and meetings to 24-hour telephone support, you are always surrounded by an experienced multidisciplinary team who can guide and advise you when you need it the most.

Deciding to become a foster carer can make a significant difference in a child’s life and your life. We and our foster carers believe that the benefits of fostering considerably outweigh the difficult moments.

As a foster carer, you do not need to be available all the time. We work closely with you during the assessment process to determine your availability and ensure we can match you with a child accordingly.

The benefits of fostering

When we provide foster homes to young people, children receive a lot more than a roof above their heads and food on their plates.  Foster care in the UK is about providing children with care and stability, in a care system which can sometimes feel unstable and uncaring.  Match Foster Care prides itself on being a caring foster care agency in the Midlands. 

Through independent, family-owned foster care in the West Midlands, you can rest assured that you have been instrumental in keeping a vulnerable young person safe. 

When appropriate, we find it rewarding to be able to help a child reunite with their family, preserving their bond and the future memories they can make together.  Alternatively, for other children you will become their long-term home.   

Foster services also put you in a unique position where you can witness a child develop safely and without fear to achieve their full potential. We believe that for many young people, a caring foster agency is often the best way to help them to fulfil their potential.  It’s rarely straightforward and often challenging.  You will find out things about yourself that you never knew before. But with the right support it’s one of the most amazing journeys you could ever go on.