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Match Foster Care Coventry

Your Local Foster Care Agency in Coventry

Joining Match Foster Care Coventry could be the right decision if you are passionate about changing a child’s life for the better with foster care in your area. As a local and family-owned fostering company, we are proud to support you in becoming a Coventry foster parent. Countless young people and children need the safety of private foster homes in your region.

Match Foster Care
Match Foster Care

Why choose our fostering agency of choice in Coventry

Match Foster Care is an independent foster agency with years of experience supporting children and young people under the age of 17 and their foster families in the West Midlands. As a local agency, you can rest assured that we understand the challenges children and foster parents face in Coventry. 

We work with Coventry-based individuals who want to help young people, regardless of their experience in fostering. We are proud to be one of the most dedicated agencies for foster care in the region, committed to giving fostering parents the help they need along their journey. We believe the fostering journey can be an incredibly rewarding career with the right support in place. 

Match Foster Care Coventry has been founded and run by experienced social workers with years of practice under their belt. This allows us to create a foster care agency where our foster parents have access to the local support of multidisciplinary professionals, including:

At Match Foster Care Coventry, we are not owned by private equity. Being family-owned and run enables us to establish our strong values. We are passionate about building a people-centric approach to fostering, which is beneficial for children and foster parents too. In other words, we want you and the children in your care to have a positive experience. That’s why we nurture an environment of trust and support, where fostering is not driven by profit targets.

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Become a foster carer in Coventry

Do you live in Coventry and want to become a foster parent? Fostering in Coventry can make a huge difference to foster children in the local area who are in need of a safe and stable environment.

If you decide to become a foster parent through Match Foster Care and join our Fostering Coventry Team, you’ll be fully supported by our diverse team of specialists. We’re here to ensure the very best experience for both foster parents and foster children across the West Midlands.

Fostering Payments with Match Foster Care

The foster agency near you: Match Foster Care in Coventry, West Midlands

When wanting to foster, it’s essential to find the right fostering agency that is there to support you throughout the entire journey, and ultimately encourage the best outcomes for the young people in your care.

For those based in Coventry in search of an ‘Ofsted outstanding fostering agency near me’, Match Foster Care has been rated as one of the best fostering agencies in Coventry. As a local foster care agency, we’ll remain closely involved during your fostering journey, so that you always feel confident and supported in your role. 

From the initial foster carer assessment to ongoing support when you qualify including providing access to a registered nurse, educational workers and a therapeutic practitioner, we continually invest in our foster families. As an independent fostering agency, we have been able to curate this level of support based on our years of experience. This allows us to provide additional input exactly where it’s needed.

Overall, we aim for the highest levels of success. The forefront of our focus is the long term outcomes of the young people in our care. For foster parents considering fostering near Coventry who can join us in this mission of excellence we want to hear from you. 

Whether you are yet to start your fostering career and want to learn more about what’s involved, or if you already bring fostering experience to the table, we want to be your agency of choice in Coventry.

Based in the West Midlands, we strive to become one of the best independent fostering agencies in the UK. Now couldn’t be a better time to join us as we embark on this mission.

What can foster parents expect?

As a newcomer to Match Faster Care in Coventry, we are committed to making your fostering journey accessible, rewarding, and empowering regardless of your previous foster experience.

You'll benefit from the experience of an independent fostering agency. Founded over a decade ago in Worcestershire, Match Foster Care has been registered with Ofsted since February 2012.

As a family-owned business, we are big on family values and family support. As such, our foster parents receive 24/7 support from a team of multidisciplinary experts.

We are proud to be one of few foster care agencies to be fully independent in the UK. We are not owned by private equity and never driven by targets!

We welcome fostering parents from a variety of backgrounds. There is strength in diversity. We encourage people from different social and professional backgrounds to join us to better support all children.

We provide experienced support to our foster families looking after a child with special learning requirements or behavioural needs. We equip you with the tools and knowledge you need.

You are never left guessing; you can reach out to our local professionals for multidisciplinary support, training and guidance throughout your fostering journey so you can deliver the best foster care for the children under your roof.

Not every foster parent has the same availability. That's why at Match, you can find out more about our different types of foster care and their durations to match your situation.

You are not too old or too young to be a foster parent as long as you are fit, healthy, and of legal age to care for a child.

Match Foster Care FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

As a foster carer, you will be entitled to foster care payments. The amount you will be paid depends on the type of fostering you do, the duration of the placement and your location. Head over to our fostering Finance Calculator to view your Coventry fostering allowance.

Whether you are in search of more support with your fostering journey, or if you are relocating to Coventry from another area, we can help you transfer to a different fostering agency. 

At Match Foster Care, we process applications from those looking to foster for the first time, as well as existing foster parents wanting to join our fantastic network of carers. 

Contact us today to find out more about what transferring foster agencies over to us here at Match Foster Care involves.