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Foster Care Support & Training

At Match, we do everything we can to support you, your family, and the child you foster to make your journey rewarding and fulfilling. That’s our promise.

We use venues across the Midlands for our training so that you never have to travel far.  We offer extensive e-learning opportunities as well.  


We’re different from other agencies because we offer a multidisciplinary team and operate with a relationship-based ethos, working closely with parents on a personal level. With our dedicated educational support workers, a therapeutic practitioner and an in-house nurse, you’re in capable hands.

Support & Training

Our fostering training and support are tailored to your needs and include:

Once you begin foster parenting, you’ll benefit from regular visits from our friendly Match social workers. They can answer any questions you may have and offer ongoing support, should you require it. We also provide consultation with a therapeutic practitioner when needed and education support workers to help with any issues at school. We also provide you with support from a registered nurse and an allocated support worker for your foster child when needed.

We know that making the decision to become a foster carer can be stressful and we aim to make the process fuss-free. Our promise is to guide and support you through every step of the journey.  We also keep our caseloads low for our social workers.  This means that we get to know you and your foster children really well, avoiding the need for you to complete lots of paperwork and daily logs.  We do the annoying paperwork, leaving you free to do the most important part of the role: providing a loving home for a foster child.

Being a foster parent doesn’t come without cost. You have to pay for meals,activities,  tuition, trips, and a host of other expenses. At Match Foster Care, we provide both fees and allowances that match your level of skill and commitment, unlike some other fostering agencies.

Get regular support group meetings on fostering where you can seek support from other foster parents and our multidisciplinary team held at our local fostering agency offices.

Receive face-to-face, independent training on how to be a foster parent both at our location and online from dedicated educational support workers. Get instruction on what being a foster parent in the UK involves, the skills you need, the challenges you’ll face, and whether it is the right choice for you. Learn more about how to provide a therapeutic fostering environment from our team with many years of experience.

Match Foster Care provides regular fun trips and activities. Get regular social events pre-arranged for your calendar.  Every year Match has a massive Winter Ball for all our foster parents and their children. This is an amazing event for all our families.  

We understand you might need time off. You can get regular paid breaks from fostering each year if you want them – we will discuss this in more detail during the assessment process.   


Match Foster Care FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Foster parents provide day-to-day care for children and young people. Your role includes supporting them in school, maintaining their health and wellbeing, and helping foster children understand and deal with their own emotions.

To foster a child, you should provide all of the care, love, and attention that all children deserve – we will support you along the way.

To foster a child, you’ll need to meet some minimum requirements. These include having a spare room in your home, being over 18 years of age, and not having any serious offences on your criminal record. You’ll also need to demonstrate that your accommodation provides everything the foster child needs to thrive. More than anything, you’ll need to love spending time with children who have been let down by adults in the past, helping to rebuild their trust.