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Transferring from other fostering services

Finding the best foster care agency isn’t easy and often requires a lot of time and patience. However, at Match, we fully support the right of foster parents in the UK to transfer agency, as set out under formal transferring protocol documents.

As a family-owned agency, we aren’t actively looking to grow. Our goal is not to pinch parents from local foster care agencies. However, if you want to transfer fostering agency, we can help.

Transferring from other fostering services

Before you leave your current foster care agency in the UK, we will consult with you to learn more about your reasons for leaving. This way, we can determine whether our agency is a good fit for you.

During the transfer process, we work in the best interests of the child. Match Foster Care agency facilitates your move as quickly as possible, minimising any potential disruption for the young person. We remain focused on the task at hand and avoid becoming distracted by any of the politics or deteriorating professional relationships that might influence your decision to make a move.

Once you join us, you’ll have an opportunity to speak with us regularly about the services we offer. Unlike many independent foster care agencies, we adopt a collaborative approach. This means we understand what it is like to be a foster parent and regularly take on board recommendations and suggestions.

Once you transfer to us, you can benefit from our full range of support and training, including dedicated educational support workers and an in-house nurse. We can tailor the support to your specific strengths and weaknesses, improving your experience of fostering.


Match Foster Care FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Independent fostering companies vary considerably from each other. Ideally, you want one that provides the most support. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask the agency if it provides around-the-clock support, foster parent training, reimbursements for the child’s basic needs, and help with other expenses for the child. It is also worth noting that at Match we relieve you of the burden of lots of paperwork. We keep the caseloads of our social workers very low, meaning they can ease the burden of recording information, leaving you free to care for your foster children.

You cannot register with more than one fostering agency in the UK.

The government changed the rules ten years ago to make it easy to transfer. Match Foster Care Agency is experienced in dealing with transfers with a minimum of fuss. Get in touch to discuss your needs.