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Foster Care Activities

At Match Foster Care, we recognise the importance of children living in foster care having access to highly enjoyable and engaging activities. As well as creating positive memories, activity days also help foster families to develop stronger bonds. 

Our residential trips span a wide range of activities, and offer a chance for children to embark on exciting adventures. 

The visits to Little Owl Farm provide hands-on experience with adorable animals, while Mad Science days tap into children’s natural sense of curiosity and imagination. Another popular trip is our Maize Maze outings, in which children can play in a labyrinth.

We also like to mark the seasons with special Christmas, Easter and Halloween craft sessions. 

Through these family and activity days, we aim to build cherished memories and lasting connections for the foster families we serve.

Join us in creating a brighter, more joyful future together.

The Rewards of Fostering with Match Foster Care