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Fostering Assessment Process

As part of the process of becoming a foster parent, you’ll need to go through an assessment. This is to check that you are a suitable candidate to care for foster children.

While the fostering assessments process might sound scary, we’re proud to say that, at Match, everyone who comes to us enjoys it. Our goal is to check that you are prepared to foster a child (and everything it entails).

Here are the various parts of the assessment process you need to complete before you start foster parenting.

What is a Form F assessment?

A Form F assessment is a comprehensive evaluation conducted by social workers during the fostering application process. It assesses prospective foster parents’ suitability by examining their background, lifestyle, and ability to provide a stable home for a child. The assessment helps to determine if the foster parents can meet the needs of children and ensure their well-being.

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The assessment process

Background Checks

If you want to provide foster care we will need to carry out police, medical and local authority checks. We take care of all these aspects based on the information you will provide. It is a necessary step to protect children in the foster care system.


The next step in becoming a foster parent is to go through training. Here, you’ll meet our managers, multidisciplinary team and foster parents already fostering with us.

At Match, we provide flexible training at a time that suits you, usually over evenings or weekends – whenever is most convenient for you.

Home Visits

After you apply to be a foster parent, we will send a friendly member of the Match team to your home. They can talk to you more about being a foster parent, what the job involves, and answer any questions you might have.

We aim to complete assessments at a pace that suits you. Most applicants can start foster parenting within four months of their initial application.


Match Foster Care FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a foster parent, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old and live in the United Kingdom.

All being well, it takes between four and six months to become a foster parent. The assessment process includes home visits by a dedicated social worker, background checks, character references and preparatory training.

There is no formal upper age limit to how old foster carers can be. In fact, many foster parents continue well into their seventies as long as they remain fit and active.

Yes, you can be a foster parent if you are single – many successful Match Foster Care parents are single.