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Foster Care Fortnight 2023

What is Foster Care Fortnight? 

Foster Care Fortnight is a UK-wide campaign held annually to raise awareness about the importance of fostering and to encourage individuals and families to consider becoming foster carers. 

Who runs Foster Care Fortnight?

This event is hosted by The Fostering Network. They are highly passionate and committed to supporting foster carers and have successfully run this campaign for almost 20 years.

This campaign became so popular that annually, Foster Care Fortnight receives over 1,000 social media posts from foster families, celebrities or politicians from the UK who show support for this campaign.

Foster Care Fortnight 2023

Foster Care Fortnight 2023 will take place from Monday 15 May – Sunday 28 May 2023. The theme of the campaign remained the same as last year –  #FosteringCommunities. 

Get involved in Foster Care Fortnight 2023

  • Share your social media posts with #FosteringCommunities in the caption
  • Share your story with your Supervising Social Worker so that they can directly post it on their social media platforms
  • Raise awareness among your friends regarding the importance of foster care parents’  involvement
  • Get involved in fundraising events to motivate people to donate to foster care agencies.

Who can participate in the Foster Care Fortnight 2023 Campaign?

Participation in this campaign is open to all who wish to share their experiences as members of the foster care community. We encourage you to share your personal stories in order to help each other in enhancing the quality of life for foster children and teenagers.

Become a foster parent!

We are always looking for new potential foster parents. In order to become a foster parent, there is no age requirement as long as you are physically and mentally capable of providing care for a child. If you don’t know what type of fostering program is best for you, see all the options available through Match Foster Care. We are operating in different locations in the West Midlands; get in touch with our team to learn more about available opportunities.