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10 Questions To Ask When Transferring Foster Agency

Are you thinking of transferring to Match Foster Care as your foster care agency? If so, then you may have some important questions to ask us. Below, we’ve answered 10 of the most common questions that we receive. However, if you still haven’t had your question answered, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

1. Can I transfer with the children I’m currently fostering?

Match Foster Care allows carers to transfer with children that they are currently fostering. If you are fostering with another fostering agency or a local authority, then the process to transfer together with those children is fairly simple. Our experts will assist you the entire way and help you overcome any hurdles or complications that might arise as a result.

One of the most important factors to consider in this situation is the wellbeing of the children that you are planning to transfer with, and also the wellbeing of future children that will join your household. We value stability and consistency when it comes to transfers, hence why our process is highly involved and will put the interests of those children first. You will likely be a part of several important discussions and we will ensure that all parties are in agreement before we initiate the transfer.

Though it may sound daunting, you can rest assured that our specialists at Match Foster Care will do everything in their power to help you transfer with the children that you are currently fostering, while simplifying the process and making it as smooth as possible.

2. Will I get support & training?

Yes. Match Foster Care will provide as much support and training as you need once you have transferred to us. We provide both new and transferring carers with a multitude of training opportunities that include in-person events at venues across the Midlands and online e-learning options. We differentiate ourselves from other agencies because we work closely with all parents on a personal level.

So whether you’re feeling unconfident in your training or would like a refresher course with Match Foster Care, we’d be more than happy to accommodate.

3. Is it possible to transfer if I already foster a child with another agency?

Yes. You are free to transfer to Match Foster Care even if you already foster a child with another agency. Our specialists will help initiate the transfer process, but it will likely involve conversations with several parties such as the current fostering agency that you are with. The goal here is to provide stability for the foster children in question.

It’s important to note that our goal isn’t to gather as many qualified parents as possible. It is not our intention to grow our family at any cost. However, we do understand that some foster parents may be unhappy with their current fostering agency. If this is the case, then Match Foster Care would be more than happy to support a transfer. But before you leave your current foster care agency, we will consult you to learn more about your reasons for doing so. This will help us determine if our agency will be a good fit for you, or if your reasons for leaving are valid.

Transferring from another fostering agency can often take time, but we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that the process is as smooth and painless as possible.

4. Does your agency host social activities for fostering families?

Yes. Match Foster Care hosts a number of social activities for fostering families. This includes residential trips, seasonal craft days, science days in the office, and physical activity days. Many of our activity days are arranged on school holidays to ensure that both parents and foster children can attend. These events are open to all fostering families and children, so everyone is welcome to participate if they want to.

For more information about our activities, please take a look at our activities page to learn more.

5. How long does it take to transfer to Match Foster Care?

The transfer process will vary depending on the circumstances. For example, if a foster parent isn’t happy with their current foster agency, then there may be disputes and other complications that arise from the initiation of the transfer. This may involve several back-and-forth discussions that involve the foster parents in question. Rest assured that Match Foster Care will do everything in its power to ensure the well-being of all foster children if they are included in a transfer.

However, if a transfer happens on good terms, then you can expect the process to take around four to five months from the moment that you first contact our team.

6. Do I have to go through another assessment process?

Yes. If you are transferring to another foster agency then you will be subject to another assessment process. However, this process will likely be shorter than your first application. As long as you can provide Match Foster Care with your original Form F from your current provider, we can help speed up the process to ensure a quick and simple transfer.

New foster parents will need to go through basic checks such as health and finance. This is to ensure that your household is suitable for fostering children. Once these checks have been performed, you will have passed the formal assessment.

However, if you are fostering a child with your current provider then the process may be a little more involved. This is because we’ll need to assess the welfare needs of your foster child before you are accepted with us.

7. Will my skills transfer from my current fostering agency transfer to Match Foster Care?

Yes. We firmly believe that all fostering agencies provide a similar level of training to ensure that their foster parents are able to fulfil the needs of their foster children. We encourage you to provide a copy of your current training record or qualifications so that we may get a better understanding of your knowledge and training. 

8. Do I need real fostering experience to transfer to Match Foster Care?

No. If you have been accepted as a foster parent by another agency but have yet to foster a child, then you can still transfer to Match Foster Care. We greatly value any experienced fosters that want to transfer for personal reasons, but we also welcome new parents that are just starting out.

We strongly suggest that new parents take our in-person and online training courses to give themselves a refresher course, especially if it has been a while since they were first accepted by your original fostering agency. This will help you build more experience and remember some of the skills and experiences that you may have forgotten. It’ll also help you understand the way that Match Foster Care approaches foster parenting, giving you more knowledge that can combine with your existing training.

9. Why should I transfer to Match Foster Care?

Match Foster Care is a family-run fostering agency that was started by Carrie and Simon Marsh in 2012. We believe that all children deserve the very best family care available, and that has been our main motivator since we began. We have a sincere mission to provide quality family care to the foster children that need it the most. That’s why we refuse to be funded by investors and venture capitalists that are looking to use our services as a means to maximise profit. Unlike some larger fostering agencies, we are not motivated or driven by profit. Instead, our focus is, and always will be, the welfare and well-being of foster children.

One of the major benefits of transferring to Match Foster Care is that we pay close attention to our foster parents as well. We have open discussions to support parents, and we do everything in our power to make sure they feel like they are a part of our team. We strongly believe that foster parenting isn’t just between children and parents. Instead, we believe that agencies should also play a role in providing resources and support to those that give their time and compassion to being foster parents.

If you are interested in joining our team, don’t hesitate to check the areas we cover.

10. What are the benefits of transferring to Match Foster Care?

Match Foster Care provides 24/7 support to all of our foster parents. We know that fostering can be challenging but we are committed to giving you our unwavering dedication and support regardless of the time or day. We also firmly believe in keeping all of our services in-house. For example, we don’t use independent assessors and instead prefer to use our team members to carry out consistent assessments that we can trust. We also provide significant financial support to all of our parents that are interested in becoming full-time foster parents as a career choice. Check out our finance calculator if you’d like to learn more.

Want to learn more about transferring to Match Foster Care as your foster agency? Get in touch with us today and enquire now to learn more.