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How Our Registered Nurse Provides Essential Support For Children

According to Government statistics, there are 43,905 fostering households in England, with 102,000 so-called “looked-after” children across the UK.

However, as any dedicated foster parent will know, these statistics represent real children who often have complex needs. This makes the work of foster parents vitality important, especially in terms of providing stability for the child, whether short-term foster care or long-term fostering is required. 

At Match Foster Care, we recognise the importance of foster parents receiving adequate support, so that in turn, they can also best support the needs of the children in their care.

As part of a comprehensive package of support offered, we provide access to a registered nurse so that the child’s health and overall well-being needs can best be met. 

Barriers To Care For Children In The Foster Care System

Every child in the foster care system has unique needs. These needs will undoubtedly vary depending on the circumstances surrounding how the child came to be in the foster care network.

Sadly, some of the common challenges faced by children in foster care can include abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Any such difficulties can ultimately create barriers for children to access healthcare, and likewise, to be able to express their needs. This is why the priority is always to build up trust with the child so that they feel safe and listened to.

Having a registered nurse who is acutely aware of the challenges faced by foster children is crucial to ensure the needs of the child can best be met. Known as trauma-informed care, our unique insights guide our approach to healthcare, so that we can make tailored decisions for the child. Our work can also involve liaising with other professionals so that a robust support package is put in place.

Our registered nurse also provides specialist care for children with special needs who are receiving disability foster care. Therefore, we can offer a broad range of specialist healthcare services to meet the needs of foster children, both in terms of their physical health as well as their mental wellbeing. 

Facilitating The Best Long Term Outcomes For Foster Children

Whether children are placed into short-term foster care or require ongoing care, the one aspect that applies regardless is that as individuals, their healthcare needs will always be of great importance throughout the rest of their lives. 

Therefore, building a relationship of trust with our registered nurse, especially at a vulnerable time in the child’s life can facilitate a better outcome for their healthcare over the longer term. In particular, they are giving children the skills and confidence to express their needs within a healthcare setting when entrusting their care to others. 

Match Foster Care – Fostering Agency UK

Match Foster Care is a UK-based fostering agency providing enhanced support for foster parents and the children in their care. 

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