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Fostering & Race and Religion

At Match Foster Care, we recognise the value that foster parents from different ethnic and religious backgrounds bring to the fostering process.

Our foster care network is proudly made up of diverse cultures, and we warmly welcome foster parents regardless of their religious or cultural beliefs.

In addition, the children entrusted into our care equally span a range of different ethnicities and religious beliefs. Therefore, there are a lot of positive benefits that embracing diversity within our wider foster network can bring for foster families as a whole.

As an Independent Fostering Agency, when you foster a child through us, you’ll benefit from a bespoke support package to help both you and the children in your care reach their potential.

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Different Ethnicities

Contrary to the common myth, religion, and race are not barriers to the ability to foster a child. In fact, diverse cultural experiences and understanding can actually bring many positives to the process, especially in terms of fostering different ethnicities.

Furthermore, a report by the BBC also found that the majority of children in the foster care network are from diverse backgrounds. It noted that keeping children with families from the same background can be integral to their development, highlighting the importance of foster parents from different backgrounds.

The Importance of Fostering Across Cultures

Something that remains crucial for all children within the foster network is that they can experience a sense of stability and belonging. A foster parent from a diverse ethnic or religious background can bring many important insights when fostering different ethnicities. All of which can establish a much-needed sense of familiarity and reassurance for the foster child, at a time when this could not be of greater benefit as they enter the foster care network.

Match Foster Care FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, those who smoke or vape can become foster parents. However, there will be restrictions on your ability to foster children aged under 5 or children with respiratory conditions. Additional limitations apply such as not smoking or vaping near children. When you apply to be a foster parent, you will need to tell us if you smoke. From there, we can explain everything this may mean for your application in greater detail.

Being a pet owner will not prevent you from becoming a foster parent. But as part of the assessment process, we will need to make sure your dog would also be comfortable around children based on the animal’s temperament and behaviour. If the dog is deemed to be dangerous then you would not be able to foster a child.

Areas We Cover

Match Foster Care covers all over the West Midlands, including, Birmingham, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Dudley, Sandwell, Herefordshire, Telford, Wolverhampton, Shropshire, Walsall, Warwickshire, Stoke, Solihull, Coventry and Gloucestershire.

We have two offices: one in Droitwich and one in Stoke but our staff are located across the whole region to provide local support when you most need it.  

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