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Short-Term Fostering Placement: All you need to know

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Short-term fostering, often known as emergency placement, is a type of foster care in which a child or teenager is placed with a foster family for a short period of time, typically ranging from a few days to a few months.

The purpose of short-term fostering is to provide a secure and stable family setting for a child who has experienced neglect, abuse, or trauma. The child may be reunited with their birth family, placed in long-term foster care, or adopted later on.

The Process of Short-Term Fostering Placement 

  1. In the emergency placement procedure, an initial inquiry is necessary. Please contact our team if you are interested in being a short-term foster carer. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and your reasons for choosing to foster a child at this time during this step. In order to ensure that we match you with the right child, it is important to be honest about your motivations of becoming an emergency foster carer.

  1. The pre-assessment phase of the emergency placement process follows. At this point, our staff will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your eligibility to become a short-term foster carer. You should expect house visits, background checks, and foster training and assistance at this time.

  1. The matching procedure is the third phase in the short-term fostering placement process. Our staff will match you with a child or a teenager based on your abilities and expertise so that the short-term arrangement benefits both parties.

  1. After successfully completing the preceding phases, the child or teenager will be placed in your home for a short amount of time. This might range from a few days to a few weeks. From then, it is your responsibility during that period of time to create a secure and supportive environment for the foster child.

Things to Expect During the Emergency Placement Process

  1. Even if it is for a short period of time, emergency fostering may be emotionally draining for both the foster family and the child. In order to face up this challenging situation, the short-term foster parent must have support and access to different resources. It is our duty to provide you with ongoing training, support & guidance so that the placement is successful.

  1. Apart from emotional challenges, logistical concerns may arise throughout the emergency placement process. Financial assistance is required to cover the added expenditures of caring for a child or teenager. Match Foster Care is committed to providing fair and consistent fostering remuneration to all of our foster carers. We created a fostering allowance calculator to assist short-term and long-term foster parents in estimating their fostering income. If you plan to work as a foster parent for a full year, this calculator helps predict how much you might get in fostering allowances.

  1. Another concern to think about as a short-term foster parent is that you may need to adjust your typical schedule to accommodate the child’s needs. For example, you may be required to adjust your meal, sleep, or transportation schedules.

  1. Communication with the child’s social worker, biological parents, and other experts involved in the child’s care is essential throughout the placement process.

  1. Whether you are thinking about being a short-term or long-term foster carer, you should keep in mind that some legal issues, including custody and visitation rights, or court appearances, may emerge throughout the fostering placement process.

To summarise, short-term fostering may be a great experience for both the foster family and the child in their care if properly supported and resourced. Short-term fostering is an important service that provides children with a safe and supportive home for a short period of time. Initial enquiry, pre-assessment, matching with the child, placement, and ongoing help are all necessary steps in the placement process. The short-term foster carer may experience emotional and practical problems during the placement process, but we are here to help you every step of the way!